National workshops

Each year the ANPSG conducts the National Parking Workshop. The National Parking Workshop incorporates presentations from people within the industry, industry service providers, sponsors and guest presenters from Australia and overseas. The workshops are designed to be interactive, with a high degree of emphasis placed on presentations and information being provided for all levels of parking enforcement, from the Officer to the Manager.

The Workshop content covers a diverse range of topics and issues, these include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Conditions of Employment
  • Use of Technology
  • Managing Conflict Resolution
  • Training and Development
  • Communication
  • Image
  • Australian Road Rules
  • Conditioning for the job
  • Recruitment and training

Major results from the National Workshops have included:

  • Development of a National Parking Steering Group (ANPSG)
  • Introduction of Officer Exchange Program
  • Development of national newsletter (Making a Space)
  • Introduction of National Qualifications for Parking & Information Officers (Certificate III)