This page has been added to allow Councils throughout Australia to share and view new innovative technology that is assisting Local Government deliver better service to the community, collect valuable data and keep our on-road staff safer.

The advancement in technology in our industry is revolutionising the way we perform our roles and gather data.

We should never be afraid of technology we should embrace it.

The introduction of PDAs , IGS, PODS, Mobile Offices., IPADS, Pay-by-Phone and Licence Plate Recognition systems are all now a reality and we have learnt to adjust our enforcement practices and methods accordingly. Prioritising busy areas is the key and this new technology is a valuable asset for all Local Government Councils.

OH&S – Safety First; The Key Priority

Local Government People Manager’s number one priority is staff safety.

The role of our Authorised Officers is becoming more difficult as society is becoming more aggressive, frustrated and less tolerant.

With most fines increasing annually, limited availability of free/cheap on street parking, and an increased focus on enforcing and administering Local and Environmental Local Laws and Animal Management the role of the Authorised Officer is becoming more reliant on Conflict Management Training with the support of new technology.

With this in mind a number of Councils throughout Australia have introduced or are trialling new video and audio technology that is worn by the Officer in full view of the public.

Below is one such product being trialled by Townsville City Council in far north Queensland.


The Townsville City Council is currently trialling GoPros for their Regulatory Services Officers to wear while on duty. The video footage and sound are excellent quality. Below are photos of the equipment and how it is attached to the officers uniforms. The video camera is encased in a hard plastic cover that was designed and created by a local manufacturer.

GoPros for Regulatory Services Officers GoPros for Regulatory Services Officers GoPros for Regulatory Services Officers GoPros for Regulatory Services Officers


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