Officer Exchange Program

At its 2000 meeting in Melbourne, the Australian National Parking Steering Group (ANPSG) Committee discussed the formalisation of a number of existing processes. One of these processes was the “Officer Exchange Programme”.

The Committee was unanimous in its decision that in future a structured reporting procedure should be put in place. In the past officers who participated in an exchange have reported back to their own management upon return, but rarely have the reports been seen by anyone else. The new reporting procedure is designed to provide uniform information to the participants, the ANPSG and all other parking authorities throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The information and experience gained by an officer who participates in an exchange program is invaluable and should be used not only to benefit his or her own organisation, but all similar organisations throughout the country.

To this end, the ANPSG has designed this new pro-forma which is required to be completed by each officer participating in an exchange program. The questions asked in the pro-forma relate directly to the activities of the authority hosting the exchange. It is envisaged that the completed pro-forma will provide a handy tool for hosts and participants, one that can be used to assist in benchmarking and performance measuring exercises.

The sending and receiving of the pro-forma will be coordinated by the ANPSG who in turn will make copies available for participating authorities to see.

Pro-forma details and further information

An officer participating in the exchange is asked to complete the pro-forma in its entirety and forward it back to the Chairman of the Australian National Parking Steering Group for distribution.

Please endeavour to answer all questions and include additional comments where requested. There is a section at the end for further comments or observations, please use this to add anything of importance or relevance.

Upon completion of this document please send the pro-forma to:

Matthew Tyrrell
Chairman of the Australian National Parking Steering Group
GPO Box 503 Hobart Tasmania 7001
Fax: 03 6238 2186