Victorian Council Compliance Services honour board

This annual award is presented to the person who has contributed outstanding service to the Local Government Compliance Services industry in Victoria.

Winner 2014

Max Jennings

Max Jennings has committed 47 years of his life to continuous service within the parking, animal management and local laws industry. During that time Max commenced with the City of Melbourne as a Traffic Officer in 1968 and within 18 months had joined the highly regarded motor cycle squad.

Max’s career path then saw him move to the administration section of the ‘On Road Group’ followed by a promotion to Senior Patrol Officer and then Duty Officer, overseeing the ‘On Road Administration’ staff. As further opportunities presented Max stepped up to the challenge, resulting in his taking up a key role in the legal area of Local Laws.

This was followed by an appointment to the position of Senior Supervising Officer with the ‘On Road’ crew. Further horizons presented as Max subsequently took on the role of Duty Officer, managing all Senior Officers.

While continuing his contribution at the City of Melbourne, Max’s focus shifted to the legal area where he performed the role of Prosecutions Officer and thereafter he joined the ‘Senior Group’ who were responsible for a range of functions at primary MCC football and cricket venues.

The next chapter in Max’s career in Local Government saw him relocate to the Nunawading City Council as a Team Leader in Local Laws, closely supporting the then manager who was nearing retirement.

After participating in the amalgamation process with the former City of Box Hill, Max seized the opportunity to join the City of Boroondara Local Laws department where he has shared his knowledge and skills over the last 17 years.

Following his initial role of looking after the P.E.R.I.N. Court system in the Administration team, Max soon took up the role of Senior Officer within the Administration team. In keeping with his ‘can do’ philosophy Max was subsequently appointed to the role of Team Leader in the Administration team.

In an attempt to scale down the size of his role, Max opted to step down from the Team Leader position to undertake a support role within the Local Laws Administration team. While continuing to derive immense enjoyment over the last five years in this role, Max’s appetite and enthusiasm to make a difference complements what has been and continues to be an outstanding contribution to the industry.

After travelling extensively around Australia, Max’s decision to settle into a permanent job proved to be the good fortune of the Local Government compliance sector. While initially responding to the opportunity to join the City of Melbourne as a Traffic Officer with the thought… “I can do that”, Max quickly paved a future that was driven by a passion to “make a difference” AND what a difference he did make.

Max’s easy going nature and wicked sense of humour readily endeared him to all those who have had the pleasure of crossing his path. For those of us who have done so understand that Max’s positive attitude not only reached the communities he served but also the many colleagues with whom he has worked. A strong desire to support and help others while looking for his next challenge were hallmarks of his approach.

Max’s development of colleagues and direct reports over the years has resulted in both field officers and administration officers performing functions and delivering services in a responsive, timely and competent manner. In addition, Max has been instrumental in influencing the building of a positive workplace culture and a customer service focused approach at all three Councils at which he has been employed.

Through his keen eye to identify gaps and opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement, Max has played a significant role in streamlining and modifying system processes and procedures. In doing so, substantial operational efficiency and productivity gains have been achieved.

The cumulative effect of these outcomes has not only influenced improved turnaround timeframes for core functions and service delivery but also built on the work of others to enable more constructive and favourable interaction between Local Government compliance staff and the community.

In closing, the contribution of Max Jennings over a continuous period of 47 years is of itself amazing but I am sure industry members will agree that Max has made an outstanding contribution which is worthy of recognition through this award.

Winner 2013

There was no VCCS workshop in 2013, therefore no winner, due to the national workshop being conducted in Melbourne.

Winner 2012

Andre Peters

Andre Peters commenced, as a Traffic and By Laws Officer, with the City of Melbourne (CoM) on 28 July 1982, at the brash age of 21, 9 years after his father started with CoM.

He left in February 1996 to take on a new challenge in the private sector as the Manager of a number of car parks owned and operated, at the time, by KC Park Safe. This career move lasted until November 1996 when he decided to take some much needed time off to travel Australia with his family.

In May 1997 he commenced as a temporary Officer for the City of Boroondara through Victorian Labour Hire.

In September 1998 he was appointed to the permanent position of Local Laws Officer with the City of Boroondara where his duties included Parking, Local Laws and Animal Management.

In August 2004 he took on the role of Acting Senior Local Laws Officer.

In January 2005 he was heavily involved in the introduction and role out of the new Windows Mobile based handheld devices and has become the key user of this software package and is the go to person for fellow Officers at other smaller Councils. During this time he was also involved in suggesting and implementing enhancements to the software package to make the Officers role more streamlined.

In April 2009 he was appointed to the permanent position of Senior Local Laws Officer, where he is responsible for all the Parking Officers and 100 School Crossing Supervisors. In June 2011 his position title was changed to Parking & Traffic Supervisor; his current substantive role.

After 30 years in the industry/Local Government Andre has trained many Officers that have forged successful careers for themselves in Local Government.

Andre is also very proud that one of his sons also works in the industry making him a 3rd generation Peters to pursue a career in Local Government.

Winner 2011

Tom Gladwin; Manager – Traffic & Local Laws, City of Maribyrnong

Tom Gladwin
Manager – Traffic & Local Laws
City of Maribyrnong

Tom has worked in Local Government for nearly 40 years and has been instrumental in introducing new parking technology into Victoria and Australia. Always looking at how to better service the community and provide safe, equitable parking, Tom first introduced Parking Overstay Detection System (PODS)at the City of Maribyrnong over six years ago.

He also installed fixed cameras at busy and dangerous locations to encourage motorists to park safely. This resulted in a huge improvement in pedestrian safety, increased traffic flow and a large reduction in the number of illegally parked motor vehicles.

He is proactive in assisting to plan and organise the Victorian Parking Steering Group annual workshop and was a cofounding committee member for the inaugural workshop. He continues to serve in this capacity and is a regular attendee and presenter at the Australian National Parking Steering Group (ANPSG) annual workshops.

Tom commenced as a Traffic & By-Laws Officer in 1974 in the former City of Brunswick; that was in the days of “Pudding-basin” motorcycle helmets, no radios, no mobile phones, no backup and they all wore grey.

He was appointed as the Manager Parking & By-Laws (Superintendent) at Brunswick in 1984. In 1992 He took up the position as Manager Parking & Local Laws at the City of St Kilda, remaining there until the amalgamation process in 1994. Having carried out some contract work at Stonnington Council in early 1996, Tom commenced as Coordinator Traffic & Local Laws at the City of Maribyrnong. An organisational re-structure saw him take on the role as Manager Parking & Local Laws at this Council where he remains to this day.

Tom’s former life before Local Government saw him spend nearly 3 years in the Papua New Guinea highlands as a patrol officer and before that he worked for 3 years as a Weights & Measures Inspector with the South Australian Government.