Honour board

The ANPSG recognises the continuing efforts of one Local Government staff member with a customer service award at the yearly national workshops for Outstanding Customer Service over an extended period of time.

2015 winner

Graham McKinnon, Learning and Development, On-street Compliance Services

2015 ANPSG Industry Excellence Award winner, Graham McKinnon, City of Melbourne

The 2015 ANPSG Industry Excellence Award winner was Graham McKinnon, Learning and Development, On-street Compliance Services at the City of Melbourne, with 30 years of service.

The gift of influence and a champion for good values

There would be few key players in our industry that would not recognise Graham’s work in leadership, training, mentoring and coaching within Local Government. Graham is well renowned within our industry as a leading training facilitator, subject matter expert and mentor in the world of Local Government Parking Enforcement practices. He has had a profound influence in the way parking enforcement is approached by Officers and their managers through his consistent focus on striving to achieve win-win outcomes for Officer (“face of Council”) and the Road User (our customers). The evidence is clear amongst the hundreds of Officers that he has introduced to a potentially life-long, fulfilling and engaging career within Local Government. I don’t have enough hands and toes to count those who have stayed on and progressed to more senior roles since commencing entry level positions.

As champion for good values, Graham models what he teaches. Whether in daily work, representing City Of Melbourne or the ANPSG, Graham strives to uphold Integrity, Courage, Respect and Excellence. He actively encourages others to take this path and is first in line to ensure that new staff understand what these values mean personally and in the context professional conduct as a representative of Council. Amongst his peers and those he mentors, Graham is known for his openness to receiving and providing constructive criticism. He is first to admit his shortcomings and is proactive in closing the gaps. Proof Graham is not only a good teacher, but is also a good learner colleague and leader. He has the ability to hold others to account in a respectful manner and whilst doing so never taking his eye off the goal of a “win-win” outcome for all who have a stake.

A winning formula with a unique flavour

Those that have had the opportunity to take part in on of Graham’s training, wether seasoned, inexperienced, junior and senior candidates have been presented with a lively and highly engaging introduction to the work and true expectations of working within Local Government. Graham is not shy to speak the truth and takes a “warts and all” approach when discussing Officer’s, Council’s, Public, Media’s and higher authorities roles within our industry.

Never straying from teaching the skills to work safely, achieving the highest possible level of quality through accuracy and delivering the best possible outcome for the greater community. Many have heard the lessons of “Firm but Fair”, respecting the Law and Road User through “Reasonableness” with “Empathy” and “Transparency”. It is through this formula and mindset that Graham has helped many to find the grey in black and white, and black and white within the grey. Thanks to these early lessons, a great number of us from Officer to General Manager can make decisions that have led to safer work practices and a more positive interaction between Officer, community and their employers in Local Government.

A more robust link between the work of the Officer on-road and supporting functions managing, reviewing and enforcement of infringement notices has been established in multiple municipalities through open training offered to all councils as well personnel from other authorities working within Rail Transport, Universities, Security and Aviation. This achievement has been won through a way of thinking and the words echo in my head today “Think Court” and “When in doubt, keep out and find out”. It’s in this way of thinking that Graham has influenced a diverse audience through training interactions and his work with the ANPSG. It has paid dividends by way of transparency, standardised collection and communication of evidence between relevant work areas including Prosecutions and Infringement Review resulting in best practices approach to infringement writing, review and management.

As a subject matter expert, his knowledge has been called upon by many in the industry for a variety of reasons. I can recall multiple surrounding Councils benefiting from his assistance with developing and implementing policies, standard operating procedures and regular training plans. Throughout the years, working with the legal team and engineers he has assisted in solving issues with parking in areas thought not be enforceable and corrected incorrect practices after being consulted.

An eye on sustainability through effective change

Thinking broadly, with a vision in mind, he has changed in the way we look at the industry as a whole. Interactions through the ANPSG and Victorian Council Compliance Workshops are testament to this. Graham has worked tirelessly to broaden our scope to bring into focus other important functions within the industry. These include Local Laws, Animal Management, School Crossing Management and Prosecutions. This has not always been easy and it continues to challenge ways of thinking. It is an illustration of Graham’s vision that the industry operates sustainably by working in unison, is capable of reshaping according to the needs of the community and is able to react effectively to seen and unforseen changes in our environment.

Graham has an appetite for challenging the way we all think about the future especially the way we recruit new members. Graham has perceived the need for change in the area of recruitment and has helped to change the focus from just recruiting those with experience in enforcement roles. A recruitment practice which sadly has sometimes led to the recruitment of personalities not suited to the expectation of Local Government and the community. Those joining compliance services in many of Victorian Councils are now from diverse backgrounds, age and levels of experience. It’s with his working closely with recruitment agencies and educators that has led to a more rounded Officer entering the industry. But this is not without its challenges and the weightiest of these is the provision of staff with the capability to hit the ground running, something highly desirable to a prospective employer. It is also an area that Graham has since influenced positively and helped to close that gap.

Empowerment and capability through partnership

For many years, Graham had provided training directly to Councils and on behalf of employment agencies servicing the industry. Some of the ANPSG partners can testify to that and for many years we have noticed a gap in the availability of fresh minds entering Local Government to work in compliance related functions, especially as Officers at the front line. The biggest challenge here was linking diversity, new skillsets and broader thinking with the skills and ability to hit the ground running. A way to make it all mesh was lacking.

Graham saw an opportunity to work with a leading educator in Vocational Education and Training sector and a partnership was struck between City of Melbourne and Swinburne University. In 2013 the Authorised Officer Foundation Program was developed and rolled out. Since then the door has opened to dozens of new candidates who have completed this program. Many have obtained employment throughout Victoria bringing both new skills and experience with them.

Graham has the gift of empowering others. In my experience working with him, a persistent challenge is influencing Officers to take pride in their roles. Many contributors including negative pressures from media and public perceptions of Officers has impacted the spirit and vigour of our colleagues. His message of taking pride in what we do because it is right, valued and just, has been embedded by providing foundational on the role of Officers and painting a picture of the world without them. Backed with technical knowledge and a sound understanding of Authorisations and Powers, his delivery has provided clarity and confidence that drives those that take up the cause to excel and challenge the status quo. It has even spurred some of the disengaged and disgruntled to do better for a period of time; a battle that all Councils struggle in.

In closing, I have worked with Graham for over 12 years and have worked directly under his guidance and leadership in since 2011. He has been key to my development and maturity within Local Government, but I am just one of many that have been inspired by Graham to think broadly, drive for the sustainability of our roles, be better and most importantly of all never forget that we are here to support each other the Officers at the coalface. He is a living, breathing hub that connects many spokes to one another and has played a key role in ensuring that “the wheel” our industry, keeps turning over.

You will be aware now that Graham is retiring this April and he will be missed in our industry for his character and wealth of knowledge. For his efforts in 30 years of service excellence and many other reasons that escape my memory, I feel that Graham McKinnon should be recognised for Industry Excellence.

– Jose Gacelos, Training Coordinator, On-street Compliance Services

2014 winner

Michael Davey, left, together with ANPSG NSW Committeeman, Leon Marskell, after the Award presentation at the  Josef Chromy Winery Launceston.

Michael Davey, left, together with ANPSG NSW Committeeman, Leon Marskell, after the Award presentation at the Josef Chromy Winery Launceston.

I have worked with Michael Davey at Warringah Council for the past 2 years as his Manager. Michael is the Ranger Coordinator responsible for a team of 8 Rangers and a team of Casual Parking Officers.

Michael has made considerable impact to the team over the past 2 years, bringing his extensive skills and knowledge of the parking industry to the group, but also his own leadership style. He has helped enable Warringah Council ensure its officers deliver an efficient and professional service to the community in relation to parking matters.

He always projects a professional image, acting with integrity and accuracy, setting the standard for his team. A recent report from the NSW State Debt Recovery Office highlighted statistics for 2013 showing the Officer PIN data correction error rate average in NSW was 1.68%. Warringah Council achieved a 0.03% average Officer PIN correction error rate.

This was a much welcomed result which underlined the high standard now achieved by Warringah Council officers undertaking parking functions.

Michael’s role in a supervisory capacity, has allowed him to assist in beginning to change the cultural of an established Ranger/Parking team.

He was also involved in identifying the need for, and then adding a new Casual Parking Officer Team to the group for on-street parking and carpark enforcement across the Warringah LGA.This involved the hiring, training, rostering and the on-going development of new Officers into the industry. The new Officers came on board from other sections of Council with no previous experience in the parking industry. They have fitted into the team and are now looking to establish a long term career in the parking industry.

Michael also represents the Rangers via his work with other committees within Warringah Council providing advice and support to changes and/or improvements in areas relating to the local laws enforcement.

Michael deserves recognition for his 10 years of service to the industry and also for his work in trying to develop and shape the future of those working within Parking Industry. His level of leadership, professionalism and integrity in this area will strongly contribute to the future success of the Parking Industry.

– Michael Davies

2013 winner

John Emin

John Emin has been employed by the Hobart City Council for a period of 21 years. His first role with the HCC involved collecting, counting and banking of the parking meter money in Hobart City.

Following this John moved to meter patrols, where he served as a Parking and Information officer for around 3 years. In about 1996 Team Leaders were introduced and John was successful in obtaining one of the inaugural positions.

After a restructure of Parking Operations in the early 2000s the position of Parking Operations Supervisor was introduced, this position is basically the second in charge position in the Parking Department. John was successful in obtaining this position, which meant he had climbed the ladder all the way from officer to second in charge in the short space of around 10 years.

John’s role involves the supervision of the Team Leaders and Assistant Team leaders, supervision of 30 Parking and Information Officers, purchasing, ordering, benchmarking and generally ensuring the officers and the teams stay on track.

John’s greatest strength is the fact that he puts 100% of his time and effort in ensuring that the Parking Enforcement area of the Council maintains the highest possible standard in the Council and in the community. John does this by ensuring he is on top of every situation and even in some cases aware of things before they even happen.

He is affectionately known as “Big Fella”, a nick name he has carried with him for years and probably dates back to his football days, where he was a ruckman for Tasmania and later was drafted to the VFL to play for Essendon.

It’s funny that most people say that John’s bark is worse than his bite, however even though that may be the case (or is the case) most people still don’t run the risk of upsetting him because they know he is passionate about the Council and as a result there is not much point arguing with him about anything work related.

Matthew Tyrrell states: “I have been John’s Manager now for over 10 years; we have a great working relationship and a very good understanding of each other. I regard John as the ultimate ‘Corporate Soldier’, he is so dedicated to his role and to ensuring that the Hobart City Council’s reputation and integrity is kept intact at all times.

He is an absolute bulldog when it comes to ordering equipment, stationary and clothing; he will play one company off against the other and use every trick he has in his arsenal to ensure our suppliers give us the best prices. Over the years I predict he has saved the Council tens of thousands of dollars by simply being stubborn when it comes to the Council’s money.

John has attended all but one of the Parking Workshop since they began back in 1997. I can recall the only one the missed; it was in Brisbane and John was so disappointed he couldn’t attend, however as I told him ‘open heart surgery’ is more important that a parking workshop John, so just concentrate yourself on getting better.

He very rarely takes sick leave, in fact when he had major surgery 5 or so years ago was the last time I have known him to have a day off on sick leave. Sometimes I think he won’t get sick because he thinks he will miss out on something happening at work, however I know he never misses out; in fact sometimes he comes back from a week’s holiday and fills me in on what’s been happening at work while he has been away.”

2011 winner

Jose Gacelos

Jose Gacelos is a qualified trainer and assessor and has been employed with City of Melbourne Parking and Traffic Branch for 10 years. He served 8 years, on-road, as an Authorised Parking Officer before joining the Learning and Development team. He has conducted numerous training sessions within the City of Melbourne and has also delivered training to Authorised Officers from other Councils and external agencies including Melbourne Airport and Melbourne University. He is a “power user” with parking enforcement technology and created and conducted learning programs for PDA ES400 operation, In-Ground-Sensors and Pay-by-Phone.

He has acted as a Team Leader Enforcement, Coordinator Prosecutions and Coordinator of the Permits team. He is currently facilitating a team to review Parking and Traffic’s reserve parking scheme. He has conducted numerous presentations for the Branch, notably at the 2009 Melbourne workshop and at the recent 2012 Victorian Council Compliance Services annual workshop. He has also participated in City of Melbourne Altitude Program which recognise emerging future leaders. He is also coordinating Community Engagement Programs for the Branch.

2009 winners

Peter Joynson; City of Melbourne for the category of Outstanding Act of Customer Service

Peter Joynson, City of Melbourne
Outstanding Act of Customer Service

Leon Marskell; City of Ryde for the category of Outstanding Customer Service over an extended period of time

Leon Marskell, City of Ryde
Outstanding Customer Service over an extended period of time

2007 winners

Antonio Defreitas, North Sydney
Outstanding Act of Customer Service

Roger Viney, Hobart City Council
Outstanding Customer Service over an extended period of time

2006 winners

Di Flay, 2006 winner of the Outstanding Act of Customer Service award

Di Flay, Devonport City Council
Outstanding Act of Customer Service

Les Bowen, 2006 winner of the Outstanding Customer Service over an extended period of time award

Les Bowen, City of Perth
Outstanding Customer Service over an extended period of time