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W00046A utility vest

W00046A utility vest front and back

HVLB00023 utility vest

HVLB00023 utility vest front and back

After consultation with many of our customers we decided to focus on a newly designed vest that best fits Australia’s security, law enforcement and council workers officer’s daily requirements. From this the CCA Load Bearing Vest was created. A high quality, feature packed, well designed utility vest. Manufactured direct from our Southport premises.

Adjustable for height and width to ensure best fit, the tough lightweight cordura construction provides you with weather resistance, reliability and strength with the breathability that is paramount to the Australian climate. The vest can also include a MOLLE system application. This provides a truly customisable solution to your everyday requirements. The vest, including the pouches weighs just 1kg.

This Loadbearing Vest was designed to reduce back problems that were caused by wearing uncomfortable or heavy belts. By distributing the weight load, our locally designed vest design produces a more balanced and comfortable option to the heavily-loaded duty belt, with the increased efficiency in mobility and accessing appointments.

We are currently supplying Loadbearing Vests to the various Council Parking Inspectors and security organisations.

Sizes available: S/M, M/L, L/XL

Any changes/modifications including colour to any vest is also available to our customers.

The cost per vest is $260+GST.

Any pouches will be an additional cost.

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Reveal body worn video

Working in collaboration

We focus on working with our clients to ensure that body worn video works for them. We encourage – and help with – careful project planning, monitoring and measurement. We work hard to maintain on – going relationships with clients, ensuring that they get the maximum benefit from their investment in body worn video.

RS2-X2 body camera

Alongside our own development programme, we regularly seek user feedback, and incorporate user requests we receive in regular updates to our design planning for our cameras and DEMS.

Over the past decade, we have developed our products in close partnership with the people who use them. We regularly seek user feedback and invest time and effort into achieving an unparalleled understanding of how body worn video is used in the field. This understanding is built into our product design.

RS2-X2 body camera

Camera features

The RS2-X2 body camera is an award-winning, compact, tough body worn camera with top-end features, including encryption, full HD recording and on-board playback.

The fully articulated camera head allows the user to correctly position the angle of the lens – regardless of height, size, mounting option or uniform – capturing accurate footage rather than the floor or the sky.

The front facing screen, as well as facilitating on-board playback of video, displays footage in real time as it is being recorded; demonstrating visually that the camera is recording. This enhances the deterrent nature of the body camera and can often alter people’s behaviour as they recognise they are being recorded.

Body cameras need to be simple and quick to operate, which is why the RS2-X2 features a one action record sliding switch that is simple to operate, even in situations of heightened tension. The big red sliding switch is a positive action that allows the camera to be physically recognisable as on or off.

DEMS features

DEMS is the software that works with every Reveal body worn camera.

Built on Reveal technology, DEMS is a digital evidence management platform that is powerful enough to securely store, manage and export any amount of digital data – large or small – whilst always remaining incredibly simple and easy to use.

  • Choose your platform – cloud, server or PC.
  • Encrypted log of every action performed in the system.
  • Password-controlled access levels, plus Active Directory support.
  • Automatic uploading.
  • Automated data compliance.
  • Record details of camera, date, user and location with each video.
  • Export video files directly, or burn to DVD/CD.

We offer over 50 bespoke accessories and a variety of mounting options for a range of user environments, uniforms, body types or personal preference; our choice of mounting options for the RS2-X2 include Klickfast stud, shirt clip, pocket clip, shoulder mounts, harnesses and car mounts.

“We approached Reveal as we were looking for a product to protect our parking attendants from any abuse, something effective and simple to use. After purchasing the product and trialling it at one of our car parks we found that it significantly reduced the cases of abuse and aggression and at the same time providing a safer working environment for our attendants. We would highly recommend Reveal to anyone working in the parking industry. This product is an effective visual deterrent against abuse, easy to operate and securely records events should we need to use later on. We have just ordered more cameras!”
Lena Mistry, Napier Parking Ltd, UK

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