About us

The group’s beginnings date back to the mid 1990s when a common training facilitator brought together Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart Councils to share their experiences and ideas on parking compliance. It was then acknowledged that there were common goals in the way Local Government carried out the functions of parking compliance. From those early meetings an alliance was formed between Melbourne, Hobart, ACT, then Adelaide and Perth Councils. Officer exchanges took place and the development of standardised training and development of Officers became a priority.

The group remained informal and annual Workshops were arranged by participating Councils in November of each year, whereby invitations for attending were circulated to a much wider audience. The Workshops were mainly aimed at the Officer/Team Leader/Middle Management level.

After several successful workshops were held it was decided to structure the group a little more without becoming too formal.

Formation of the ANPSG

At the Hobart Workshop in 2001 the initial Steering Group was formed and at the Adelaide workshop in 2002 the Steering Group was broadened to include a membership of 6, covering Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, ACT and New South Wales. The group is predominantly a Local Government based organisation, which opens up to other institutions involved in Parking Compliance.

A Charter was developed with a Mission – “To promote the image of Parking Officers and encourage learning and information exchanges between all parking authorities.” This was to be achieved by promoting a positive image for officers that are well trained, professional and capable of providing advice and assistance to the public whilst assisting with equitable access for all members of the Community using and requiring parking in our cities.

It was decided at the Perth Workshop in 2005 that the ANPSG should become incorporated. Rules of Association were developed and the group becoming incorporated in May 2006.