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Honour board

The ANPSG gives out two customer service awards at the yearly national workshops:

  • Outstanding Customer Service over an extended period of time
  • Outstanding Act of Customer Service

2013 winner

John Emin

John Emin has been employed by the Hobart City Council for a period of 21 years. His first role with the HCC involved collecting, counting and banking of the parking meter money in Hobart City.

Following this John moved to meter patrols, where he served as a Parking and Information officer for around 3 years. In about 1996 Team Leaders were introduced and John was successful in obtaining one of the inaugural positions.

After a restructure of Parking Operations in the early 2000s the position of Parking Operations Supervisor was introduced, this position is basically the second in charge position in the Parking Department. John was successful in obtaining this position, which meant he had climbed the ladder all the way from officer to second in charge in the short space of around 10 years.

John’s role involves the supervision of the Team Leaders and Assistant Team leaders, supervision of 30 Parking and Information Officers, purchasing, ordering, benchmarking and generally ensuring the officers and the teams stay on track.

John’s greatest strength is the fact that he puts 100% of his time and effort in ensuring that the Parking Enforcement area of the Council maintains the highest possible standard in the Council and in the community. John does this by ensuring he is on top of every situation and even in some cases aware of things before they even happen.

He is affectionately known as “Big Fella”, a nick name he has carried with him for years and probably dates back to his football days, where he was a ruckman for Tasmania and later was drafted to the VFL to play for Essendon.

It’s funny that most people say that John’s bark is worse than his bite, however even though that may be the case (or is the case) most people still don’t run the risk of upsetting him because they know he is passionate about the Council and as a result there is not much point arguing with him about anything work related.

Matthew Tyrrell states: “I have been John’s Manager now for over 10 years; we have a great working relationship and a very good understanding of each other. I regard John as the ultimate ‘Corporate Soldier’, he is so dedicated to his role and to ensuring that the Hobart City Council’s reputation and integrity is kept intact at all times.

He is an absolute bulldog when it comes to ordering equipment, stationary and clothing; he will play one company off against the other and use every trick he has in his arsenal to ensure our suppliers give us the best prices. Over the years I predict he has saved the Council tens of thousands of dollars by simply being stubborn when it comes to the Council’s money.

John has attended all but one of the Parking Workshop since they began back in 1997. I can recall the only one the missed; it was in Brisbane and John was so disappointed he couldn’t attend, however as I told him ‘open heart surgery’ is more important that a parking workshop John, so just concentrate yourself on getting better.

He very rarely takes sick leave, in fact when he had major surgery 5 or so years ago was the last time I have known him to have a day off on sick leave. Sometimes I think he won’t get sick because he thinks he will miss out on something happening at work, however I know he never misses out; in fact sometimes he comes back from a week’s holiday and fills me in on what’s been happening at work while he has been away.”

2011 winner

Jose Gacelos

Jose Gacelos is a qualified trainer and assessor and has been employed with City of Melbourne Parking and Traffic Branch for 10 years. He served 8 years, on-road, as an Authorised Parking Officer before joining the Learning and Development team. He has conducted numerous training sessions within the City of Melbourne and has also delivered training to Authorised Officers from other Councils and external agencies including Melbourne Airport and Melbourne University. He is a “power user” with parking enforcement technology and created and conducted learning programs for PDA ES400 operation, In-Ground-Sensors and Pay-by-Phone.

He has acted as a Team Leader Enforcement, Coordinator Prosecutions and Coordinator of the Permits team. He is currently facilitating a team to review Parking and Traffic’s reserve parking scheme. He has conducted numerous presentations for the Branch, notably at the 2009 Melbourne workshop and at the recent 2012 Victorian Council Compliance Services annual workshop. He has also participated in City of Melbourne Altitude Program which recognise emerging future leaders. He is also coordinating Community Engagement Programs for the Branch.

2009 winners

Peter Joynson; City of Melbourne for the category of Outstanding Act of Customer Service

Peter Joynson, City of Melbourne
Outstanding Act of Customer Service

Leon Marskell; City of Ryde for the category of Outstanding Customer Service over an extended period of time

Leon Marskell, City of Ryde
Outstanding Customer Service over an extended period of time

2007 winners

Antonio Defreitas, North Sydney
Outstanding Act of Customer Service

Roger Viney, Hobart City Council
Outstanding Customer Service over an extended period of time

2006 winners

Di Flay, 2006 winner of the Outstanding Act of Customer Service award

Di Flay, Devonport City Council
Outstanding Act of Customer Service

Les Bowen, 2006 winner of the Outstanding Customer Service over an extended period of time award

Les Bowen, City of Perth
Outstanding Customer Service over an extended period of time